Wednesday, August 18, 2010

"You’re The One That I Don’t Want'' by Alexandra Potter

When Lucy meets Nate in Venice aged 18, she believes that he’s The One and that they’re destined to be together forever. When Lucy and Nate learn of the Bridge of the Sighs and the legend behind it – that everyone who kisses underneath the bridge, at sunset, are destined to be together forever – they go ahead and do as the legend says

Ten years later, Lucy has moved to New York and she and Nate have lost contact until the Legend brings them back together again. Lucy thinks they’re fated to be together and everything’s fine for a while, until the both realise they’ve changed and their relationship goes sour. The Legend, however, keeps bringing them back to each other again, and again, and again. Is Nate ‘The One’ for Lucy and if not, just how is she going to get rid of him?

"You’re The One That I Don’t Want" opens with a prologue set in Venice, when Lucy and Nate first meet, and just before they fulfill the Legend of the Bridge of Sighs. It pulls you right into the story before heading into present day New York where Lucy works for an art gallery. It takes a few pages for Lucy and Nate to be brought back together and they quickly fall back into the relationship they left off 10 years ago. They both soon realise that they’ve changed dramatically since their holiday in Venice and they’re soon fed up with each other and the relationship quickly goes wrong. That’s where the fun starts; as Lucy and Nate try to get away from each other for good, but they keep ending up in the same place, at the same time, driving them both insane. It soon turns into some sort of game as they try to avoid each as best they can and they fail dramatically, with some hilarious consequences.

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